The Green Kalahari Desert’s fun-filled Running Event is back! Arula Group (Pty) Ltd in collaboration with Finelime Harriers, presents the Finlime Flat One Marathon, on Saturday, the 25th of January 2020.

This scenic route opens with a flat 8-kilometers around the town of Lime Acres. The start of the Race is fairly easy once you leave town until you pass the halfway mark where the route gets somewhat harder for a few kilometers. There is some relief around the 30-kilometer marker where you can enjoy an easy downhill canter. The run to the finish is uncomplicated enough but do not be deceived by 200 meter climb to the finish.

 The race is called the ‘Flat One’ because at certain high points on the route, you can almost see the entire Marathon route.

Marathon Flyer 1


Entry Fee

42.2 km Run:

Licenced Runners: R160.00 – Includes Race entry, Timing chip and a Goody Bag.
Unlicensed Runners: R200.00 – Includes Race entry, Temporary licence, Timing chip and a Goody Bag.
21.1 km Run:

Licenced Runners: R145.00 – Includes Race entry, Timing chip and a Goody Bag.
Unlicensed Runners: R185.00 – Includes Race entry, Temporary licence, Timing chip and a Goody Bag.
10 km Run:

Licenced Runners: R110.00 – Includes Race entry and a Timing chip.
Unlicensed Runners: R150.00 – Includes Race entry, Temporary licence and a Timing chip.
5 km Fun Run:

R75.00 – Includes Race entry and a Timing chip

Race Rules


Entrants undertake to abide by the following rules and agree to the following conditions:

WAIVER / DISCLAIMER: All entrants agree that the information they have supplied is true and correct. That they are in good health, are physically fit and trained to participate in and understand the risks associated with the event. They agree to abide by all the rules and conditions of the event and accept that they enter and participate at their own risk and fully indemnify the organisers, ASA, AGW, all sponsors and partners, volunteer groups, medical personal and any or all other parties from any direct or indirect loss of damage, however caused, arising from their participation in the event, or related to the event. They grant permission in terms of section 51 of the electronics communication transactions act 25 of 2002, to use their name, race information, photographs, video tapes, broadcasts, telecasts in which they may appear free of charge. They accept that their personal information will remain confidential and consent to same being shared with the parties involved in the organization of the event for purposes of registration, timing, medical care, IAAF world rankings, and promotional activities related to the event.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY RUN GREEN: The Finlime Flat One Marathon is a climate neutral event. We are encouraging all runners to help us support our efforts by abiding to the initiative of the Littering Zone as brief prior the starting of the race.


1. The FINLIME FLAT ONE MARATHON and HALF MARATHON are run and organized in terms of the rules of AGW, ASA and the IAAF.
2. The FINLIME FLAT ONE MARATHON is open to all registered and unregistered runners of 20 years and older.
3. The HALF MARATHON is open to all registered and unregistered runners of 16 years and older.
4. Official event race numbers are to be worn on the front of the participants vest. Licensed athletes must abide by the final instructions regarding the display of permanent ASA licences. Unless otherwise instructed, registered athletes must wear their ASA licences on the front and back of their vest. The race number must be worn on the front of the vest, partially covering the ASA license, so that the ASA license sponsor remains visible.
5. Unlicensed athletes must purchase a temporary license at R40 for the MARATHON, HALF MARATHON and 10 km RUN.
6. No swopping of race numbers or temporary timing chips is allowed as these are linked to your name and finishing time and may result in your disqualification.
7. Temporary-licensed participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter the relevant age group, wear the appropriate age tags and provide proof of age.
8. Runners must wear club colours or plain clothes (without advertising). Full club colours must be worn to count for team prizes.
9. As required in terms of IAAF rules, international athletes must be able to produce the letter of clearance from his/her federation permitting participation.
10. In the event that any prize category results are not announced or made available at the official prize-giving, such results will be posted on the event website and circulated through the usual AGW club channels. In accordance with ASA rule 27.2 individuals and clubs shall be given 7 days to raise any appeal in writing to the organisers, where after the published results shall be deemed final, notwithstanding any inaccuracies that may be identified at a later date.
11. Payment of Prize money: Money will only be transferred once full doping results have been received.
12. The race number and temporary timing chip are linked to your name and finishing time – Allowing another person to compete with your number will result in disqualification of the other person and your exclusion from next year’s event.
13. MARATHON, HALF MARATHON and 10km RUN participants shall use the temporary timing chip provided at registration attached to your race number. Failure to wear the temporary timing chip will result in the participant’s name being omitted from the results. NO CHIP, NO TIME, NO RESULT, NO QUALIFICATION FOR OTHER RACES.
14. Should a third party pick up your race numbers at the REGISTRATION AREA, a letter of authorization must be supplied with your details and theirs.
15. Entries will close on the 06 January 2020. Only a Limited Number of Late Registrations will be made available on the morning of the Event.
16. No upgrades, downgrades or substitutions will be done after the closing date of the 06 January 2020. No refunds will be processed.
17. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or of the athlete’s participation, or change in the date, nature, or format of the event. The event may be cancelled or changed due to severe weather or any other factors that may be deemed to threaten the safety of athletes, staff, or volunteers.
18. Do not litter. Dispose of sachets and cups responsibly within the marked Litter-Zone or by using the boxes provided or carrying them to the Finish. Report offenders to the referees.
19. The FINLIME FLAT ONE MARATHON , HALF MARATHON, 10 km and 5 km RUN take place in environmentally sensitive areas. Participants may not litter or damage the environment in which the events take place in any way. Participants who do not respect the instructions regarding litter may be subject to disciplinary action including disqualification, a fine or a ban from future events.
20. Personal seconding is not permitted except at official refreshment stations. NO private vehicles or bicycles are allowed on the route.
21. The use of music players with headphones is not allowed and may result in disqualification.
22. Marshals, traffic and any police officials must be obeyed at all times. If participants are instructed by any race, medical, traffic or police official to stop they shall do so immediately.
23. Refreshment stations will be situated approximately every 3km.
24. No dogs are allowed during any event.
25. Prams are ONLY allowed in the 5 km “fun” RUN but not for any other events.
26. Wheelchair users must please contact the organisers timeously to make arrangements for their participation.
27. The FINLIME FLAT ONE MARATHON  is a qualifier for The Two Oceans Marathon (5 hours) and Comrades Marathon (4hr50).
28. Cut off and time limits – see the website for details.

Online Payment Only

EFT Payment Only

Race Information

Cut Off Times:

42.2 km – 5 Hrs
21.1 km – 3 Hrs
10 km – 2 Hrs
5 km – Not Applicable

1. The Race will Start and Finish in front of the Lime Acres Recreational Club as per the Schedules Starting Times.
2. Distance Markers every Kilometer and Refreshment Points every 3 KM.
3. Finisher Medals for all Athletes who as completed the Race within the Cut Off Times, and Prices for Official Category Winners.
4. Permanent ASA Registered Athlete will be required to wear their valid 2020 Licensing BIBS, Race Number and Club Clothes.
5. Temporary Licensing will be made available at an additional cost of R40 pp.

General Information

Finelime Flat One is an official qualifier for the 2020 Two Oceans and Comrades marathon. (For ASA Licensed Athletes only)

The finish area for all races takes place at the Runner Village across from the Lime Acres Recreational Club.

The finish area offers the following facilities:

1. Food and Refreshments

2. Beer Garden

3. Hospitality areas

4. Toilets

5. Vendors and Flea Markets

Race Start Coordinates: -28.361349063882788, 23.474524319171906

Contact Details: For more Information Please Contact 081 046 7339 or email us at