About Us

Company Overview

Arula Group (PTY) Ltd is a privately own organisation in the Northern Cape of South Africa. The Company was registered in July of 2019 by founder and CEO, Nerainne Botha, whom has identified the need for Small Business Development, Management and Consulting Services.

Providing Turn-Key Business Solutions.

Our Products and Services will suits any of your business needs. You will love it!

Our Core Values

Core Values are the philosophies and principles that guides our Company’s internal conduct and relationship with our Current and Potential Clients.

Mission Statement

Arula Group believes in Synergy, where together with our Customers, we are greater than the sum of our individuality.

Vision Statement

Providing meaningful Turn-Key Solution to your Business Needs

Company Objectives

Arula Group strives for Customer Satisfaction and Retention by providing Products, Services and Relationship Differentiation, and Focusing on our Customer needs and wants.